• How To Get More Pleasure By Using LELO Ora 2

    Have you been looking for something which can easily mimic the way like your lover’s tongue, then you must check out LELO Ora 2. This is a type of vibrator which vibrates in the most amazing way to give you the best clitoral pleasure. The Ora 2 is a unique product in the way it functions and provides you with the sensations which can make you all red. This sex toy was made to try to mimic a tongue as it contains a small rotating center which moves in a circular direction against the flat surface. When you keep it in front of the clitoris, you are going to feel the crux which starts moving. It moves back and forth, round and round providing you with some of the deep sensations. You can easily choose as there are ten different settings.


    It is better than LELO Ora in every way. The LELO Ora 2 provides more targeted pleasure as compared to its previous model. The ball in the new Ora that makes the nub can give a really well clitoral massage as compared to the older version. It is maybe about 200 percent more if you want to compare the stats. With the different setting on the new massager, it is going to feel like a tongue and can provide you with much more clitoral pleasure.


    There are ten different types of settings on the device. These setting are continuous, zigzag style and also with the intervals in between. You can start with a slow setting to see whether it adjusts according to you and then move to a harder setting when you get used to it. The stimulation is going to more intense and intense after a period of time when you are using it regularly. You are going to get string orgasms as you have never got before.


    For the women who lie to have oral sex, this product is going to change their lives. You can experiment with different settings and let it do what it is meant to do before your moans get really loud and you give up on it. LELO Ora 2 has a design which has been awarded as well. It does not look like a conventional sex toy but can produce results that you might not have imagined.
    Order this oral stimulator and other sex toys like LELO Ina 2 from Joujou Luxe now and get ready to have the ultimate orgasm back in your life.

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